Al Salak: Al Sarraj stresses proceeding ahead with consolidation of security stability

Tripoli-Presidency Council spokesman, Mohamed Al Salak expressed emphasis of the President of Presidency Council to press ahead with steps to consolidate security and stability. At his weekly press briefing, spokesman Mohamed Al salak said Tuesday that security and stability can be attained by completion of security arrangements and implement security plans agreed to secure lives and properties and tighten security at vital installations by the relevant security agencies, and finding communication channels conducive to realizing the aforementioned objectives. On the southern area of Libya, he said the president attaches great importance to following up decisions attached to addressing various crisis and obstacles in the south and problems raised during his visit to Obari. In this respect he said 20 fuel tankers reached Obari and Ghat and others to follow to other areas, besides delivery of cash, gas and medicine to the area. On power supply, Al Salak said power generation risen to 6000 megawatt with the entry of AlRawiss power plant into service and completion of maintenance against the consumption of 7500 megawatt. He underlined that the Electricity company is working to reduce the deficit by entry into service of Obari plant which began technical arrangements to operate it after the arrival of the Libyan technical team that comprises a group of Libyan engineers who were subject to training programme in Germany and Turkey to operate it in the albescence of foreign technicians. The Obari plant is expected to be operated this month and expected to add 600 megawatt to the national grid. On work of the media, he said the president respects media and journalistic work and underscores their right to cover varies events and their right to access information, and any other attitude towards them is a condemned individual behavior and that it does not reflect policies of GNA, asserting that necessary measures were taken to prevent repetition.

Source: Libya News Agency