Siala expresses thanks and appreciation to the Panamanian government

Tripoli-GNA Foreign Minister, Mohamed Taher Siala expressed his thanks and appreciation and that of the Libyan government to the Panamanian government for its cooperation with the Libyan embassy in Panama in addressing the issue of the Libyan oil tanker, Bader owned by National Maritime Company which was seized by a private security company together with a group of Bulgarian border police on December 21 past month based on illegal procedures. Siala asked deputy president and foreign minister of Panama to convey the greetings of President Fayez Al sarraj to President of Panama and gratitude of the GNA Foreign Ministry for the collaboration of the Panamanian authority with the Libyan embassy in Panama in addressing the issue of the oil tanker Bader. The minister also asked the foreign minister for the intervention of the Panamanian government to cancel the temporary registration of the hijacked tanker. The Bulgarian High Court issued a ruling on December 21 to release the tanker Bader and hand it over to its original owner, the national Maritime Transport Company. However, the Bulgarian authorities granted sailing permission for the tanker at mid night December 27, the day of registration of the court's ruling to avert the implementation of the ruling so that the tanker be outside the jurisdiction of the Bulgarian authorities.

Source: Libya News Agency