Customs Authority Has Warned Against The Fierce Onslaught To Which Libya Is Subjected Thereby The Floods Of Drugs And Arms Into The Country.

Tripoli,Customs authority has warned against the fierce onslaught to which Libya is subjected thereby the floods of drugs and arms into the country through land, sea and air routes. In statement Thursday it considered the flow of such huge quantities is a serious indicator with negative outcome designed to destroy brains of Libyan youth, collapse of national economy, money laundering and support of terrorism. In statement the authority announced that in line with its efforts to counter such onslaught, custom officers caught over 52,000 kg of Hashish, one hundred million tablets of tramadol besides two containers of various guns. the authority praised efforts of customs personnel who are standing up to the most strong organized crime dealing with the minds of youth despite limited resources and support to the authority to counter the imminent threat posed to Libya.

Source: Libya News Agency