Customs Authority: 52.

1000 kilos of Hashish, 100 Million Tramadol Tablets, Firearms and Hunting Guns Seized. Tripoli, 20 December 2018(Lana) The Customs Authority has warned against a vicious campaign to flood the country with narcotics and arms through land and Sea outlets. In a statement it published on Thursday, the Customs Authority said 'the entry of large amounts of drugs is a serious indication which will have adverse effects on the minds of Libyan youth, and will lead to destruction of the economy, money laundering and support of terrorism.' The Authority said that as part of confronting this onslaught the customs officials have seized 52.000 of hashish, 100 million Tramadol tablets as well as two containers of firearms and hunting guns of various types. The Authority paid tribute to the members of the Custom services who bravely confront organized crime with almost bare-hands to save the country a looming danger.

Source: Libya News Agency