Interests On Libyan Investments Abroad Are Not Covered By Assets Freeze, No Manipulation, Spokesman Says.

Tripoli, The Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord has reaffirmed that there was no evidence of any manipulation of the frozen Libyan assets in Belgium, and that reports to the contrary were not true according to investigations conducted by the National Audit Bureau. This was confirmed by the GNA Government Spokesman Mohamed Al Salak, who said the President of the Presidency Council wanted to made clear the following: - As for the interests on Libyan investments not subject to Sanctions Committee freeze, in response to EU effort, they always go directly to Libyan Investment Authority Accounts. -So far no manipulation has been established. As part of commitment to protect public money, the President of the Presidency Council has issued instructions for transfer of the accounts of the Libyan Investment Authority since 2011 up to the current date, to the National Audit Office for inspection and verification, which what had virtually happened, and in addition to that there were contracts that had been signed with international companies to inspect accounts which was also implemented, Al Salak said.

Source: Libya News Agency