Italian Prime Minister Invites President Of Tunisia To Attend Palermo Conference.

Tunis, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has extended an invitation to the Tunisian President Al Baji Qayed Al Sebsi, to take part in the Palermo Conference on the Libyan crisis due to be held on Nov. 12,13. The invitation was extended during an audience Conte had with the Tunisian President at the presidential palace in Carthag in the capital Tunis. According to a statement issued by the Tunisian Presidency, the issue of illegal migration was raised at the meeting. President Al Sebsi said 'stability of Libya is vital for the security and stability of the Mediterranean and North Africa. Tunisia will spare no pains to get the Libyan brethren to continue dialogue, and to create the proper atmosphere to bring about a comprehensive and lasting settlement that ensure the integrity and stability of Libya, he said.

Source: Libya News Agency