TRIPOLI, The Presidency of the African Parliament (PAP) will send a delegation to Libya to discuss the crisis in that north African country with stakeholders and international parties with a view to finding a negotiated settlement to the crisis, the Libyan MP at the PAP, Youssef al-Fakhri, told the press.

He said: ''On the margin of the 6th session of the fifth legislation of the African Parliament, which took place in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, a meeting with PAP officials reached a decision to discuss the Libyan issue."

AL-Fakhri said that the Parliament has decided to send a delegation to Libya in order to discuss the Libyan issue with local and international parties, adding that the Libyan delegation has received an official letter addressed to the Libyan parliamentarians asking them to welcome the PAP delegation.

He added that the Libyan delegation succeeded in convincing the PAP on the necessity to support Libya on the ongoing crisis.

In addition, al-Fakhri disclosed that as vice-president of the Council of the African Union Youth, he attended the meeting of the Council of the African Union Youth, where the plan of the Council for 2019 was adopted.

al-Fakhri revealed that a workshop attended by Pan-African Parliamentarians discussed livestock and their preservation, as well as the mechanism to enact laws protecting animals on the African continent.

He said the workshop was organized under the sponsorship of the commission of agriculture and natural resources of PAP.

The Oct 18-Nov 2 Pan-African Parliament, which is taking place in Kigali, is discussing several issues concerning the continent, including peace and security in Africa, food safety systems and the role of observation missions of the African Union in the resolution of disputes and conflicts in Africa.

Source: NAM News Network