UN Envoy And His Assistant Visit Tauergha.

Tauergha, The UN Special Envoy to Libya and his Assistant for Political Affairs Stephaney Williams on Wednesday paid a visit to the city of Tauergha, to get a firsthand account of the conditions there after return of some of the city's residents. Salama told an audience in the city he was grateful for the positive results and the reconciliation between the cities of Tauergha and Misrata. There is nothing impossible, the talks you conducted with your neighbors Misrata and the subsequent agreement have shown that no problem can be resolved, Salama told the audience. My colleagues in UNSMIL and I have concluded that the best place we can mark the UN Day was to be among you in Tauergha, to say to you that the UN care for the displaced is not casual, but constant, Salama said.

Source: Libya News Agency