Presodent Of Presidency Council Discusses Situation Of Medical Supplies Board.

Tripoli, President of Presidency Council, Fayez Al sarraj discussed the issue of the rate of exchange for the letter of credits applied by Medical Supplies Board submited to the Central Bank before the decree of the Presidency Council imposing tarrifs on foriegn currency sales. This came at a meeting with the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Al sadeeq Al kabier, Chairman of National Audit Bureau, Khaled Chekchek, Minister of Finance, Faraj Boumattari and Minister of Industry, Ali Al Aisawi, and deputy minister of health Mohamed haitham besides sevral experts and specailists at the central bank. The meeting reviewed placing of appropraite mechnaism to cover customs fees on medical supplies expected to be imported by the private sector and that such supplies should be imported by the board. They decided to refer the matter to a specailized commitee for further study and submit appropraite proposals.

Source: Libya News Agency