MoI Meets South Korean Ambassador.

Tripoli, GNA Minister of Interior, Fathi Bash Agha met Thursday in tripoli the South Korean ambassador to libya. The minister stressed at the meeting GNA government keen interest in the issue of the kidnapped south korean engineer and that it is following up this file which is topping the priorities of the two countries' bilateral relations. He said the file is on MoI priorities calling on Korean companies to return to work in Libya to complete halted projects. He also reffered to security arrangements,recently signed to protect the public as well as private and public properties. The minister reassured the ambassador that the ministry is to prepare a security plan to protect nationals and premises of all companies working in Libya espcaiily the Korean ones. The Korean ambassdor expressed satisfaction at the meeting which he considered the start of a series of meetings between the two friendly countries espcaiily on security.

Source: Libya News Agency