Foreign Ministers Of Tunisia, Egypt And Algeria Discuss Situation In Libya.

Tunis, Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Al Jheinawi announced that he would soon meet the Algerian and Egyptian Foreign Ministers to discuss developments in the Libyan crisis. The tripartite meeting is part of AN initiative launched by President Al Baji Qayed Al Sebsi, after the Paris meeting held in May and attended by various Libyan parties to, to bring about a mechanism to execute the roadmap to enable the people of Libya choose their representatives in the next phase, Al Jheinawi said at joint press conference with the French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Ledorain. The Tunisian Minister said 'our viewpoints were identical over the situation in Libya, and we have agreed to continue to talk, as you know the Tunisian initiative continues in cooperation with Algeria and Egypt.' A meeting with the Algerian and the Egyptian Foreign Ministers will be conducted shortly to reach a peaceful solution to the Libyan issue, he said.

Source: Libya News Agency