Al Salak Reaffirms PPC Full Support To Unification Of Military Institution.

Tripoli, President of Presidency Council spokesman, Mohamed Al Salak has reaffirmed President of Presidency Council full support for the unification of the military institution and follow up such important negotiation with GNA army officers. At a press conference Monday, Al Salak communicated Al Sarraj 's emphasis on reaching a final agreement on unification of the military which necessitates clarification of the status of the civil authority represented by the supreme commander of the military and his mandate. Al Salak said talks are continuing until an agreement is reached, stressing that unification of institutions especially the sovereign ones cannot be separated from the comprehensive political solution. On security arrangements, Al Salak said the final plan for security arrangements is finalized and being implemented in consultations and coordination with all parties. As regarding economic reform Al Salak said the PC is following up economic reform approved in coordination with the central bank including following up letter of credits, performance of commercial banks and implmnetation. He said the coming period will witness addressing the issue of fuel subsidies to alleviate the burden on national economy and fight smuggling. On the political file, the spokesman conveyed emphasis of the president of PC on proceeding with political reforms through a ministerial reshuffle to finalize previous amendments. On Palermo conference, Al Salak said the President of PC received an invitation from his Italian counterpart to take part in the conference, stressing the commitment of the president to come up with tangible positive results to be translated into practical steps on the ground leading into comprehensive political settlement to the crisis. Answering a question on dismantling of the Female Military College in Tripoli, he stressed that the decision was taken in coordination with Tripoli municipality.

Source: Libya News Agency