President Of European Parliament Demands Unified Stance To Libyan Issue.

Brussels, The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani has expressed support for a proposal by Bulgaria which calls on member states opposed to accepting migrants on their soil, to contribute to their settlement in other countries. He who does not want to accept them has to pay more amounts, he said. Tajani described, a press conference here on Thursday, intervention by multiple European parties with different views in the Libyan business as an 'unuseful according to AKI news agency. The difference in European attitudes will not help settle the issue nor restore stability to the country, he said. He called on EU Parliament members to accelerate reform of the Dublin Scheme for migration and refuge. He said the EU should present a European unified approach to the Libyan at the Palermo Conference, and criticized EU foreign policy, saying 'we are not strong enough vis a vis major issues'.

Source: Libya News Agency