Italian Senator: Konti Risks Negative Results Of Palermo Conference On Libya.

Rome, The Chairwoman of the Italian Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Stephania Craxi has said that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti was risking getting negative results from the Palermo Conference on Libya scheduled for November 12 and 13. 'Konti's statements in which he said there was no solution reflected reports in newspapers locally and internationally over the status of the conference, the Italian Aki news agency quoted Craxi as saying. he stressed the need for the Palermo Conference to have common extended track and objectives, and not to be restricted to a mere social event and an opportunity for photography. The Italian Senator said 'there is a risk that the good idea might turn into a backfiring animosity, or negative results with the corresponding effect on stability in Libya itself, which we intended to support in the first place.'

Source: Libya News Agency