Sun’allah Urges International Community To Reconsider Way Of Dealing With Libya.

London, The Chairman of the Board of the National Oil Company Mustafa Sun'allah has urged the international community to reconsider the way they deal with Libya, calling for a unified strategy to be put in place to resolve security problems in the country. Speaking at the Oil and Money Conference in the British capital, attended by key international oil and gas moguls, Sun'allah said the international community view lack of security in Libya as an internal problem, whereas the civil war in Libya is agitated by foreign bodies to serve different agenda. Despite attempts to destabilize the oil sector, Libya oil production has exceeded one million bpd. Last week the NOC has welcomed the return of international partners to Libya and acquired full support of Russia. Sun'allah stressed plentiful commercial opportunities in Libya, hoping that the NOC would be able to provide a more safe work environment for its personnel.

Source: Libya News Agency