America, France, Britain And Italy Welcome Ceasefire In Tripoli.

Tripoli, The United States, Britain, France and Italy have welcomed a ceasefire declared by the warring parties in the Libyan capital on Tuesday. In a joint statement, the four countries said, 'we reaffirm our strong support for the UN Special Envoy Ghasan Salama in his effort to bring about an immediate and lasting cessation of hostilities in the capital Tripoli.' They called on all Libyan parties to refrain from any actions that might undermine the ceasefire, endanger civilians and obstruct Libyan effort to push forward with the political process. The statement renewed support for the President of the Presidency Council Fayez Al Serraj and the Government of National Accord to work in partnership with the UN to promote national reconciliation and in support the Libyan-led political process. The UN Support Mission in Libya announced on Tuesday that a ceasefire agreement was reached by Rival parties in Tripoli that also provided for a re-opening of Mi'tiga Airport in the capital. The agreement was signed by representatives of the Government of National Accord, military and security leaders, as well as representatives of the armed groups with a presence in the capital and its suburbs. The agreement calls for immediate cessation of hostilities, a mechanism for detection of any violations of the ceasefire and a commitment by all parties to adhere to its provisions. The signatories have pledged not to commit any acts that might endanger civilians or cause damage to private and public property.

Source: Libya News Agency