Reports of More Fighting in Libyan Capital Tripoli

CAIRO, EGYPT, The U.N. special envoy to Libya is calling for warring parties to respect a ceasefire in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. A health department spokesman in Tripoli has put the death toll in eight days of fighting at 47 dead and 129 wounded.

Efforts to mediate a ceasefire in the Libyan capital continue, despite intermittent shelling and gunfire concentrated to the south of the capital, Tripoli.

U.N. envoy Ghassan Salame has invited the warring sides to talks at an undisclosed location Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Libya 24 news channel tweeted a photo Monday of a delegation of Libyan leaders that was trying to mediate a ceasefire between the warring militias.

The TV reported earlier more fighting had broken out Monday between the so-called 7th Brigade from Tarhouna and the rival "Thawar Tripoli" militias.

While sporadic clashes continued overnight, amateur video showed some Tripoli residents going about their business, including a wedding party driving through the mostly deserted streets of the capital.

Another Tripoli resident tweeted Sunday that he and his friends continued to play cards, and smoke the traditional Arab nargileh water pipe as they listened to the fighting in the background.

Local media report the warring militias are vying for control over the important Yarmouk military camp.

A Libyan analyst living in Paris, Kamel al-Marash, told al Hurra TV the ongoing fighting was not unexpected and the various militia groups are trying to exert control over the centers of power in Tripoli.

He said that National Unity Prime Minister Fayez Seraj has been unable to create a unified national security force or army since he arrived in Tripoli in 2015 and that competing militias under the control of both the interior and the defense ministries are fighting for influence over banks, ministries and military positions.

Some analysts have accused the 7th Brigade from Tarhouna of secretly plotting to capture Tripoli for eastern Libya military commander General Khalifa Hafter, but Marash insists that the report is "totally false." VOA could not confirm or deny the report.

Source: Voice of America