Al Braiga Oil Marketing Co.

Announces, Damage of Reservoir 122 of Airport Road Depot. Tripoli, the Al Breiga Oil Marketing Company has announced that the company reservoir 122 of the Airport Road Depot has been, hit in the ongoing armed clashes in southern Tripoli areas. The reservoir supplies the South Tripoli Power Station. The Company expressed, in a statement posted to its SMS page, its deep concern of possible damage that could be inflicted to other reservoirs and the whole infrastructure of the depot, and the corresponding affect on fuel supplies. It denounced 'the mess up with the resources of the Libyan people' and demanded that the warring groups stay away from the reservoirs, to protect the lives of workers at the depot, who through hard work managed to put the situation under control. The company warned of a humanitarian, environmental and economic catastrophe which would only increase the suffering on the citizens.

Source: Libya News Agency