Libya’s Imports Of Goods Down By 14%.

Tripoli, Media director at Ports Company, Mohamed Qawider said Libyan imports of goods during the fits half of this year went down by 14% compared to the same period of last year. In press statements Qawider said total loaded or discharged goods at ports totaled 1,869 million tons during the first half, where as the quantity for the same period last year was 2.14 million tons. Head of the administrative committee said the port is ready to receive and export all goods and commodities and offer best services after the new maintenance work and equipping all platforms to receive ships and goods at any time and securing power supply. Presidency Council allocated an importation budget of 11.92 billion dollars comprising; 4.49 billion for imports and operational material, maintenance and government sectors, 7.43 billion for importation of goods to the private sector and bodies not funded by the public treasury.

Source: Libya News Agency