Kajman Meets South Korean Foreign Ministry Special Envoy.

Tripoli, GNA deputy president, Abdusalem Kajman met Sunday the special envoy of South Korean Foreign Ministry accompanied by the South Korean ambassador to Libya. The meeting focused on the latest developments of the kidnapped foreigners from the Hasawana system of the man-made River. The envoy conveyed a letter from the South Korean government expressing its grave concern over the fate of the kidnapped South Korean engineer. The envoy praised the efforts made by the Libyan government and foremost deputy Kajman for his special interest and follow up of this file for the safety and speedy release of the abducted engineer. Kajman also stressed that the Presidency Council rendered all efforts concerning this file and that two committees; one security and another social committee were set up to address this problem. Kajman also praised the South Korean- Libyan relations and role of Korean companies in development of Libya.

Source: Libya News Agency