Rescue Ship To Resume Patrol In The Mediterranean Off Coast Of Libya.

Rome, Non-government organisations SOS and Doctors Without Borders have announced that the migrant rescue ship Aquarius would resume patrolling the Mediterranean Sea off the coat of Libya. The humanitarian groups were reported by the US ABC network as saying their duty was to rescue migrants trying to reach Europe from Libya and to stop migrants from dying at the Sea, even if Italy's new government has banned foreign NGO ships from docking or refueling in Italian ports this summer. Aquarius was a subject of a diplomatic row between Italy and Malta in June, after Italy declined to grant entry to the ship carrying 629 migrants forcing it to head to Malta. Malta also declined to allow in the migrant ship which, accompanied by Italian coast guard, headed to the Spanish port if Valencia where the migrants finally allowed to disembark. Aquarius has contributed to the rescue of more than 29000 migrants of the coast of Libya since 2016.

Source: Libya News Agency