PC Spokesman Confirms Pressing Ahead With Operationalizing Economic Reform.

Tripoli, Presidency Council (PC) spokesman confirmed pressing ahead with effecting economic reform. He stressed the need to look for practical steps, legal frameworks and necessary measures to realize economic reform in coordination with the Central Bank. The spokesman Al Salak said during the weekly press briefing that there are several measures taken to address some service files in several sectors including the health sector. They adopted the health care plan of the ministry of Health including medical treatment at home and abroad. He said the president issued his instruction to start immediately the health care plan. He also referred to the firm measures taken against illicit consumption of electricity. Emphasis were made on the need to take urgent and decisive measures to stop illicit consumption of electricity to reduce consumption load. to address basic food shortages the president held a meeting to address food shortages as soon as possible across the country, the spokesman said. The meeting also discussed work plan of price stabilization fund through distribution networks making use of database of basic food staff cooperatives. Al Sarraj asked for finalizing this task and work mechanism within four days. Al Sarraj welcomed the resumption of House of Representative sessions. He underlined the important role of the legislative authority in realizing the referendum law, hoping the passing of a law insistent with the constitutional declaration and ensuring participation of all Libyans inside the country and abroad in the referendum.

Source: Libya News Agency