Cabinet Official Spokesman Says Government Works Out Economic Reforms.

Tripoli, The Government is actively working on a package of practical ways to spur the economy and resolve the country's problems, the Government Official Spokesman Mohamed Al Salak said. The package is aimed to resolve problems in the services sector and indeed other sectors particularly the health care, Al Salak said at the weekly press conference he held at the Government headquarters here. He said the Government has issued instructions for immediate start of executing the treatment scheme the Government has made including treatment both snide and outside the country for all Libyan citizens across the country. on orders from the Government, Al Salka Said, the Electricity Company has launched a crackdown on illegal users of power connected to the national grid in greater Tripoli, which adversely affected it and caused the company to impose load shedding scheme to protect the network. As for provision of food stuff, the Spokesman said the Government has convened a meeting which was attended by representatives from the central Bank of Libya and the Price Stabilizing Fund to ensure that basic food stuff is available to the public at proper prices, and in a relatively short period of time.

Source: Libya News Agency