BEIRUT, Lebanon, Around 900 Syrian refugees gathered in Shabaa, in Lebanon, Saturday, to return to their homeland through the Masnaa border crossing.

"The Lebanese General Security, supervised the process, by carefully checking the names of the returnees, using lists prepared ahead of time for this purpose." It added that, the return of refugees is done using buses offered by the Syrian government. This is the fourth round of refugees to go back to Syria in one month.

On Jun 28, the first round of 400 refugees returned to their homeland from Arsal to Qalamoun via Wadi Hmayyed. Meanwhile, around 400 refugees returned to their homeland on July 7, from camps in Arsal to Qara, Jarajir and Ras al-maara in Syria.

On July 23, around 850 Syrian refugees from Arsal in Lebanon, returned to their homeland through the Zemrani border crossing.

More than one million Syrian refugees are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lebanon. The government estimated the true number of Syrians in the country to be 1.5 million.

To facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, Russia drafted a strategy for this purpose and presented it to the Lebanese authorities.

According to the strategy, a Russian-Syrian-Lebanese security committee will be formed, to facilitate the legal return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon to their homeland. The strategy aims at securing the return of 890,000 refugees to Syria.