President Of Presidency Council Presents Prerequisites To Address Libyan Crisis.

Tunis, President of Presidency Council, Fayez Al Sarraj met Wednesday in Tunis with ambassadors of USA, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, China, UN envoy and EU envoy. Al sarraj presented prerequisites for addressing the Libyan crisis and the pivotal role of such countries in realizing security and stability in Libya a prerequisite for world stability and security. Al sarraj began by outlining the main features of the Libyan crisis, politically, economically, and security wise and the political and institutional divisions which are negatively reflected on the life of Libyans. he also spokes about efforts made for reconciliation by saying; 'As make a step towards reconciliation we find those who turn us steps backwards'. He also referred to Paris conference being the latest reconciliation effort saying some of those who attended the conference exploited international differences at the conference to deny its outcomes and their obligations. There are those who grossly violated the outcome of Paris conference such as what is happening in oil ports. Al Sarraj said the political division would not last, if the spoilers of reconciliation find an international unified and decisive international stance. 'negative interventions from regional and international countries prolongs the current crisis as the spoilers rely on the contradiction of those stances. he said there are countries are bias to certain parties. He reiterated that that decisive international stance is what is required to undermine the partition scenario. Al sarrj said; 'patience began to run out due to indifference of the international community which lost credibility in the Libyan street besides so often used double standard policy. However,, Al Sarraj stressed the importance of conducting presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously as soon as possible with the emphasis to find quick and sound constitutional basis and think from now on solutions outside the box to end the increasing and continuing derailing by the House of representatives.

Source: Libya News Agency