General Commissioner For Localizing Treatment Confirms Arrival Of US Medical Team.

Tripoli, General Commissioner for Localizing medical Treatment, Dr Moatez Al Akjdhar, confirmed the arrival of US medical Team in its second visit to carry out pediatric heart operations at Tajoura Heart Centre. In a statement to lana Dr Moutaz said, the medical team started conducting operations as soon as they arrived as six operations were carried out by Wednesday. he further clarified that the US medical team plans to carry out 40 heart operations for children of all ages in line with the one-year- long US Libyan agreement signed by the Presidency Council and US William Novek Institutions. The US team carried out 40 heart operations during its first visit for children from across the country, Dr Mouataz said. He further stated that there are plans to recruit more medical teams to offer treatment within the country rather than send patients abroad.

Source: Libya News Agency