Pano: Government equation ‘easy’, loss of time in no one’s interest

MP Antoine Pano said on Friday that the government equation was "easy" and that the loss of time was in no one's interest.

"We should accelerate the formation of a national unity government with the widest representation possible, and restart the ministerial portfolios according to the electoral weight of each party," he explained in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

Pano also called for swiftly settling thorny issues to avoid suffering further delays. He went on to point out that wagering on regional developments was detrimental to national interests, assuring that the FPM was open "to a new distribution of sovereign portfolios", but that it was up to the President of the Republic to decide on the post of the Deputy Prime Minister.

"There is no agreement to grant this post to one party or another," he explained.

On the other hand, and with regard to the Syrian refugee dossier, the MP said he was "surprised by the hubbub generated by this issue, which further burdens the Lebanese economy." He finally stressed the need for coordination with the Syrian authorities over the return of refugees who wish to return to safe zones in Syria.

Source: National News Agency