NNA - Prime Minister Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the German Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense Thomas Silberhorn at the head of a military delegation, accompanied by the German ambassador to Lebanon Martin Huth.

After the meeting, Silberhorn said:

On behalf of the German Defense Ministry, I came here to Lebanon to reinforce and intensify our cooperation. Germany contributes to the UNIFIL mandate and to the maritime task force. We had the opportunity today to sign a new agreement on intensifying our bilateral military cooperation between Lebanon and Germany.

For me it is my second visit here in Lebanon. I have been here few years ago in my former position as State secretary in our ministry for economic cooperation and development. In those years, we significantly stepped up our contributions to the international community and to Lebanon bilaterally, in particular with regard to the many refugees Lebanese communities are hosting. We appreciate a lot and we know which burden the entire Lebanese society is bearing with Syrian refugees, how the entire infrastructure is affected. That is why we want to accompany our warm words with concrete deeds. That is what we have been doing for years already in development cooperation. Our military cooperation reflects, on one side, that our comprehensive approach means to integrate both military and civilian instruments so that we go hand in hand with the diversity of our political means, and on the other hand, we want to send a clear political signal to the Lebanese people that our cooperation goes beyond the matter of refugees, that we appreciate the ability of the Lebanese people to balance the diversity of interest in different groups and this is all the more important as the environment of Lebanon becomes more and more challenging. We appreciate the capacity of the Lebanese to balance the interest of your Lebanese society after the successful free and fair parliamentary elections.

In Germany it took 6 months to form a new government. We are looking forward to the appointment of a new Prime Minister and the formation of a new Lebanese government. We hope that this political process in Lebanon to find and organize a new consensus will send a strong political signal for stabilizing this country but also a signal to the neighborhood to keep trustful relations and to continue dialogue in order to secure peaceful development.

Source: National News Agency