UN : Escalated Violence in Sebha Leaves More Than 45 Dead or Wounded.

Tripoli, The United Nations Support Mission in

Libya UNSMIL has said that more than 45 were killed or wounded in the

latest round of fighting in the city of Sebha.

The mission expressed its deep concern for the growing cycle of

violence in the city, and called in a statement on the warring

parties to exercise self-restraint and said it puts all its resources

at their disposal, to restore calm.

It reminded all parties of their obligations under the

International Humanitarian Law, to protect the lives and property of


Fighting broke out between the tribal clans of Tabo and Oulad

Sleiman, in the southern city of Sebha in the last two days, the

worst since February, it left dozens killed or wounded, and caused

200 families to flee their homes.

Figures showed that 23 were killed and 91 wounded until last

week, this excluded the numbers announced by the UN Mission.

Source: Libya News Agency