DAMASCUS, Syria, An opposition monitor group, on Wednesday, claimed that at least 15 fighters were killed, in an Israeli missile attack, that targeted a Syrian military base, south-west of the capital Damascus, on Tuesday night.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, eight Iranians are among those who lost their lives in the Israeli missile attack, which targeted arms depots and rocket launchers in the Kisweh area, south-west of Damascus.

It added that, it is not clear whether the rest of the dead fighters were Iranians or pro-Iran fighters, adding that, the death toll is likely to rise as some of the wounded are in critical conditions.

A day earlier, two civilians were killed by the Israeli attack, at which, the Syrian air defences destroyed two Israeli missiles, with the state TV putting on a brief video footage, showing fire emerging from an area in Kisweh.

The state TV said, the fire was caused by pieces of the Israeli missiles, that fell on Kisweh, after the air defences targeted them.

The Israeli attack comes, amid heightened tension with Iran, following Israeli attacks last month, on Syrian positions, where Iranian military experts were located.

It also comes after the United States announced to withdraw from the international nuclear deal with Iran.

Source: Nam News Network