Private high education institutions performance reviewed

Manama, Secretary-General of the High Education Council (HEC), Dr. Abdulghani Al-Shuwaikh, chaired here the HEC's Secretariat-General's periodic meeting with the heads of private high education institutions.

The meeting discussed issues related to improving the performance of private high education institutions at all levels.

It also highlighted the need to exert more efforts to ensure that the graduates' skills and capabilities match the requirements of the labour market through conducting constant scientific studies and strengthening partnership between high education institutions and the industry and business sector, in addition to delivering academic programmes that cope with the requirements of the labour market, especially in the scientific, engineering and technical disciplines.

The meeting also tackled the important objectives of the National Strategy for Higher Education, including the application of academic accreditation in higher education institutions, given its profound impact on the provision of quality higher education, employment in the global labour market, improvement of professional and institutional development, and the enhancement of the level of performance in educational institutions, as well as building confidence among students, parents and all stakeholders, locally, regionally and globally.

The regulations governing scientific research and the mechanism of disbursement were also discussed in order to achieve the priorities of the National Strategy for Scientific Research, namely the governance of scientific research and its implementation in a manner that leads to the production of value-added research that addresses national priorities related to human economic development, and contributes to bridging the gap between higher education and the industry and business sector.

The Higher Education Council has already ordered higher education institutions to allocate 3% of their annual revenues to scientific research and 2% to the professional development of their faculty members.

The role of higher education institutions in improving the university environment to serve the academic march was also tabled, with the participants' highlighting the need for their institutions to develop their own infrastructure and academic facilities.

HEC secretary-general commended the efforts of the heads of private higher education institutions in implementing the directives of HEC Secretariat-General regarding the development of the performance of their institutions and boosting the educational process there.

Source: Bahrain News Agency