Online food allegations denied

Manama, The alleged unsafety of certain food products in the local market has been denied.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry of Health refuted, in a joint statement, the allegations being circulated on social media websites.

The allegations circulated online regarding eggs, rice and other products are untrue said a statement issued by the Consumer Protection Directorate and the Public Health Department.

Imported eggs are fresh, natural and safe for human consumption, said the statement, adding that the samples of the imported eggs which were tested proved safe.

Responding to video clips posted on social media websites, the two departments denied any selling of alleged plastic rice at a major shopping outlet.

Samples of different types of rice have also been tested in the laboratories without revealing anything that substantiates the allegations circulated on social media websites.

The department of food control at the ministry of health has already examined a sample of rice, based on a citizen's complaint, and found that the food product is organic and natural.

Source: Bahrain News Agency